Pondering Thoughts part 2

First things first, congratulations to now Hall of Famers Jim Rice and Ricky Henderson.  Henderson made it on his first year of eligibility and Rice made it on his 15th and final year of eligibility.  Obviously Henderson deserves it, the all-time leader in runs scored and steals; he was one of my favorite players growing up because he was a lefty that batted righty, just like me.  Plus, I respected his game, and just how fast he was on the base path. 

I was of course a Jim Rice fan, he should have made the Hall of Fame a long, long time ago.  He was one of the most feared hitters in the game, and all hell of have broke loose in New England if Rice did not make it this year.

So congrats to both of them, it’s too bad Mark McGuire didn’t make it….cha right.

Well, I haven’t blogged in five days.  I had my doctors appointment on Thursday, I’m still broken, plain and simple.  My wife and I went to my employment’s post-holiday party Friday night.  We both had a blast, and my co-workers are freaks, LOL!!!  Today is my youngest birthday, she is now two.  We had her bday party on Saturday, good turn out, but snow was a coming so the party ended kind of early. 

In the NFL playoffs, the final four takes stage.  I’m rooting for a Pennsylvaina Super Bowl.  I can hear those Giant fans crying about how they lost to the Eagles, the Giants got out played.  I never believed the hype about the Giants.  I always said that the Giants were very lucky last year, and this year.  They screwed themselves by suspending Plaxico Burgess, so that’s what they get. 

The Red Sox has made some post holiday shopping the past week.  The got Brad Penny, Josh Bard, traded for Ramon Ramirez, now they got a future Hall of Famer, a proven closer, and couple of familiar utilitymen: 

  • Takashi Saito signed a one-year deal with an option for 2010.  He was a closer for the Dodgers, and adding him makes this bullpen that is already loaded, well, is now just naaaaasty.  I like this pick-up, he can spot close when Papelbon needs a break, and help out Okijima, and Declarmen in the set-up roles.  The bullpen was a major flaw last year, so Theo has done his homework, and now has the best bullpen in the game. 
  • Rocco Baldelli can finally play for the team he rooted for as a Rhode Islander.  I also like this pick-up, Rocco can play center and right field, and still is a very good contact hitter.  Although his health still comes to play, if J.D Drew can stay healthly and Jacoby Ellisbury can be consistent, that shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • Mark Kotsay comes back to the Sox.  This guy always gave the Sox problems when he played for the A’s, so I was thrilled when they picked him up last summer, and signing him for this year will help the outfield.  Kotsay can play all three outfields, has a little pop in his bat, and a very good baserunner.  Fundamental baseball, gotta love it.
  • This signing surprised me: John Smoltz.  He has played his entire 20 years for the Altanta Braves organization and now he decides he needs a change.  Amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Smoltz is one of the greatest right-handed pitchers in the game, but he had shoulder surgery last year, and isn’t expected to be ready until June 1.  This looks like the Bartolo Colon project of last year, except this is a 5.5 million dollar project.  I do and I don’t like this pick-up, but that old cliche’ comes to play: you can never have enough pitching.   

I am impressed that the Red Sox have signed these bargin/Target/Wal-Mart deals. Now, they need to conclude this catching situation before February. 

Oh real quick, Dustin Pedroia is the cover man for PS3’s MLB The Show 09.  He is the second Sox player (the first is Big Papi) to cover the game series since ’05.  Can’t wait for freakin’ baseball season.      



“I said to Leigh, ‘Everything’s equal. Where would you want to play?'” “Finally, she broke down and said, ‘I want you to be a Yankee.’ That’s what did it for me.”

This is what Mark Texieria said during the press conference yesterday as the New York Yankees introduced him at the old Yankee Stadium.  Looks like we can blame Leigh Texieria for having her husband choose the Yankees. 

“It’s going to help out our entire lineup,” Teixeira said. “Alex is going to get on more, I’m going to drive in runs and I’ll get on base more. Our [No.] 5-9 hitters can be middle-of-the-lineup [guys] for most teams in baseball. We’re going to have an incredible lineup.”

He sounds a little cocky don’t you think?  Like Johnny Damon said when he jumped ship and joined the Yankees.  Hey Johnny, what have you and the Yankees done since you signed with them?  Just one AL East title and no World Series wins. 

I guess if I was in Texieria’s shoes, I would feel cocky and confident also.  For a payroll that is going to be almost $220 million for the 2009 season, not making the playoffs for the Yankees again would be hilarious. 

“But once my wife told me that she wanted to be in New York and wanted me to be a Yankee, it was pretty much a done deal.”  

So, I guess that Leigh didn’t want to go to Boston because……. they wouldn’t pay the extra $10 million, help me out here.

For those Yankee fans out there, buying for a World Series title doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to win the World Series.  Forget that crap that “oh we’ve won 27, so we’re better than you” mentality, it’s about winning, and winning now.

 Just a friendly reminder Yankee fans:

  • How many World Series’ have you won since 2000?  ZERO.
  • How many World Series’ have you won since you decided to blow up your payroll to players who don’t deserve it, and have come and gone (i.e. Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, and Bobby Abreu)?  ZERO 
  • How many are you going to win with the three over paid players you signed over the off-season?  For your sake, it better be two or three.

The point is New York Yankees, money doesn’t get you everything, and hasn’t for the past nine years.  I understand that the Red Sox also have a expensive payroll, but look at the young-guns that have contributed, and helped win the World Series in 2007, and was one game away from going back in 2008.  Look at the Tampa Bay Rays (29th), Philadelphia Philles (13th) in payroll last year, I rest my case.

You talk about a guy that you want to look up to as a player, and this guy does it all,” Teixeira said of A-Rod. “As a rookie, I had a chance to play with the best player in baseball. I love playing with Alex and we’ve always had a great relationship.” 

Give me a break Texieria.  How many World Series’ rings has the “best player in baseball” won.  Again, I rest my case.

Won’t be around to blog tomorrow, (if anyone cares) going to West Haven for an apointment. 


I want my, I want my, I want my MLB.

As of January 1, 2009, the MLB Network is up and running.  I am very, very upset, my cable company does not carry the MLB Network.  As most you know, the MLB Network is all about baseball.  The on-air “vee-jays” includes Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, Matt Williams, Barry Larkin, and mega babes like Hazel Mae (remember her NESN fans?)

I have to switch to Comcast cable or the Dish Network to get the MLB Network. 

Looks like I have some thinking to do, and convincing of da wifey.

As of today, both Manny Ramirez and Jason Varitek are still unemployed.  However, Pat Burrell signed with the Rays, Milton Bradley with the Cubs, and Jason Giambi about to go back to his old team: the Oakland A’s.

I guess that’s what happens when you become a disciple of Scott Boras.

Yankee fans should be happy today as they officially introduce Mark Texieria.  I hope that the media asks him why he shafted the Sox just for 10 million more.  I’m saying “just” like I’m a stinkin’ millionare myself.  LOL.


Here we go 2009.

Well, it’s the New Year, I hope that everybody enjoyed New Year’s Eve and didn’t party too much (cha right).  My wife and I didn’t do anything on Wednesday night.  We tucked the girls in at 7:30ish, and enjoyed a late dinner.  We watched a couple of shows, and laid down.  I actually stayed up until midnight to watch the ball drop, turned the TV off and fell asleep. 

On a personnal note, my youngest gets to celebrate her 2nd birthday in a week (lucky dog, and Christmas just ended). I’m going to turn 30 in June; wow, that’s when the end of my life begins (hehehe).   Our oldest turns 5 in August, and, my wife turns 27 in September. 

What else is going on?  Oh yeah, Obama Administration (Praise the Lord) begins in two weeks.  Good luck President-elect, you’re gonna need it.

In the baseball world, Spring Training starts next month (Praise the Lord).  Now that football season is officially over for us Patriots fans, we can now focus on Red Sox Nation.  Obviously the catching situation is still in a mess.  None of us know what’s going on with Jason Varitek.  None of the other Major League teams have attempted for ‘Tek, and it’s not going to happen, I’ve said this throughout the whole off-season.  ‘Tek’s best bet is to just come back to Boston (if Theo and the gang even want him back), take the paycut, and play your butt off.  Although I have accepted that the catchers for the Major League squad could be Josh Bard and George Kotteras.  The Sox can take that hit, at least for this season.   

In other news, Manny Ramriez is still unemployed, although the Giants are “aggressively pursuing” him.  The Giants might be a good fit for Man-Ram, he gets to play in the weak NL West, stay in California, and become teammates with newly acquired has-beens Randy Johnson and Edgar “Wreck”teria.

Also, Barry Bonds had hip surgery and informed the press that he’ll be ready for Opening Day.  Ready for what?  The only thing that Bonds needs to be ready for is his trial this year.  No team out there is going to sign this guy, are you freakin’ kidding me?  The man has more baggage than a stinkin’ airplane.  Bonds needs to worry about his life after baseball that’s it.  He’s going to be a Hall of Famer (whether we like it or not), he’s the all-time home run king (whether we like it or not), and he is probably the best hitter in the game (again, whether we like it or not). 

To conclude this blog, here are my New Year resolutions (in no particular order):

  • To be more patient with my wife and kids.  I can be a @$$hole at times, and with the stress of work, and school, all of that other crap, so….yeah.
  • To lose 20 pounds.  I’m fat, plain and simple.
  • To go to a Sox game this year.  I haven’t been to a game since ’04 when they lost to the Mariners, and I call myself a fan.
  • Not to collect unemployment.
  • To graduate school, and start making that money.

Until next time my peeps….  

2008, what a year.

Well, this is my final blog of 2008.  I am grateful that I joined the league of MLB bloggers, and look forward to the 2009 baseball season for the Sox and the rest of Major League baseball.

Allow me to congratulate the following teams, and people for making this year a wild and crazy year. 

  • The New York football Giants for kicking the Pat’s butt in Super Bowl XLII. 
  • The Philadelphia Philles for winning the World Series, finally, hehehe.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays, for showing the world that there is such thing as David vs. Goliath.
  • The Boston Celtics for championship banner 17, and reloading for banner 18.
  • The USA basketball “Redeem Team” for finally putting their egos off to the side, and playing team basketball.
  • To Michael Phelps for becoming Superman in two weeks.
  • To Jimmie Johnson, on becoming three-time, three-time, three-time, NASCAR champ.
  • To Matt Cassel, on proving the NFL that there is life after Tom Brady.
  • To Barack Obama, for making history, and getting ready for an uphill battle.
  • To our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daugthers, sons for keeping this country safe overseas, and defending our lives with their lives.  God Bless you and we all love you.

Now on to my own recap of this year.

This has been a frustrating year for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  This was my first full year being out of the service, and it hit me hard like F-U’ed by John Cena. 

I was laid off at my contracting job in Pfizer.  I was suppose to stay at this position at least till the end of this year.  Well, in late early April; I was informed, along with my co-worker/friend Dawn that our contract was going to be terminated in May 9th.  Obviously I was pissed, but I understand that Pfizer was down-sizing.  So, I had about a month to look for a job, and enjoy the last few paychecks (I was making good money).  I had an interview set up to work at my current job (which I didn’t get at the time, I’ll explain later) on April 29th.  So, I had to leave work early, and go to this interview.  The interview went well, and I was hoping that I would get the position in that way I didn’t have to collect unemployment.  Well, right after my interview, I had a message on my cell phone from my job recruiter (I worked for Manpower, so I was contracted to Pfizer).  She said that my contract was terminated that day, and I had to turn in my badge.  I was bamboozled, now I was unemployed and hoping that I would get this job that I had the interview for. 

I didn’t get the job, so I collecting unemployment.  I felt like a complete loser, that I let my family and myself down.  I felt lazy and stupid, even though I was on my computer every day looking for jobs, applying for jobs. 

I had an interview set up for a job at INNCOM in Niantic.  I was stoked about the position, hopefully I would get it.  The initial interview went well; as a result, I was called in for a second interview, and that also went well.  A week after my second interview I received a letter from INNCOM stating that I was offered the position.  My wife and I were jumping around, celebrating and was grateful that I was going to be employed again.  Obviously I accepted, and was slated to start shortly after Memorial Day weekend. 

This is the main reason why I felt like a royal jackass.

About a couple of days before I started the job, I had cold feet.  I was going to make $7 less than I was making at Pfizer.  I talked to my wife about it, and she also agreed that we were taking a huge paycut, and I was going to make more money if I continued to collect unemployment, my wife then called my father in-law and he also agreed.  The decision was ultimately up to me, so I decided to call INNCOM and turned down the position.  I felt terrible, I felt like I was doing what was best for my family, and I realized that I hurt my family by declining the position.

So, I continued to apply for jobs, and as my punishment for declining the INNCOM position, I wasn’t contacted for any interviews or anything for two whole months.  I applied for (no joke) 120 jobs during my duration of my unemployment. 

Finally, after 3 months of unemployment, I was working again for Manpower as a merchandiser for Northeast Beverage.  Although I was employed, and I was grateful for it, I disliked the job.  I wasn’t making a lot of money, I was constantly traveling.  I had to use my own car to drive to these places, as a result, a lot of wear and tear happened to my car. 

So for two months I continued this job, until my punishment was finally lifted.  Do you remember the job I had an interview for back in April?  Well, in September they called me back requesting if I was still available for an interview for the same position.  Of course I said I was available and I went in for an interview the following day.  The interview went really well, I gave them an updated version of my resume, and the following day, I was offered the position.  Yes, of course I accepted the position, I gave my week notice to Manpower and I am still employed as we speak (knock on wood). 

Granted, I am making same amount I would have made if I worked at INNCOM, but I wasn’t making the same mistake of accepting a position and backing down at the last minute.  I do like my current job, the people are great, and we get free food (always a plus).  I also get to blog on a regular basis on this website (again, always a plus).   

The moral of my longest blog to date is, don’t ever take things for granted.  When an opportunity comes up, and it allows you to be better as a person, take it plain and freakin’ simple. 

Happy New Year to all of you.  GO RED SOX!!!!

Blog ya next year. 

Sox signs Penny and Bard.

Well, before I rant about 2008, the Red Sox signed Brad Penny and Josh Bard (remember him, I’m sure Tim Wakefield does) to one-year deals.  I like the signing of Penny, with the expection of 2008 (injuries) he is a horse.  Mid to upper 90’s fastball, solid curve, and he’ll reunite with Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell (they all played for the Florida Marlins when they won the World Series in 2003).  My only concern for Penny is that he’s played in the National League his entire career.  There is a chance that he can get rocked in the American League like Beckett did in ’06, but we’ll see.  Signing Penny has blostered the rotation that was already very solid to begin with.  This reminds me of the Bartolo Colon signing last season, when you are getting a season vet for a bargin.  The biggest difference is Penny will be more effective than Colon was, so I think he’ll win about 12-14 games for the Sox.

Welcome back Josh Bard!!!  If you guys don’t remember him, back in ’06 he was part of the Coco Crisp trade, he was going to be “Doug Maribelli” and catch for Tim Wakefield.  Well, the first month of the season, Bard struggled, and struggled badly.  As a result, Bard was traded to San Diego for Maribelli (who was playing for the Padres at the time) and the rest is history.  I’m assuming that Bard is going to catch for Wake because Kevin Cash signed with the Yankees which means that the Sox are going to sign Jason Varitek, but we will see.   

You gotta give credit when credit is due.

First things first, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Pray for our brothers and sisters overseas keeping this country safe and sound. 

I hope that you all get something special under the tree.

Now….. on to business.

The New York Yankees pulled a fast one on the Red Sox yesterday by stealth fully signing Mark Texieria to a 8-year, $180 million deal.  That’s $426 million dollars that the Yankees have spent on three players in the past two weeks. 

However, you gotta give the Yankees credit when credit is due; they sucker punched the Red Sox by signing Texieria, when all along, the Sox were in leading the race to sign him.  The Sox offered 8-years, $170 million when they flew down to Texas to meet with Mark and “super agent” Scott Boras.  Obviously that wasn’t enough for Texieria, hence that’s why John Henry said “we are no longer a factor in signing him”.   Two days after that, the Angels withdrew their offer, the Nationals increased their offer; but who was watching behind the scenes, waiting to strike like a tiger; those damn Yankees.  

I think the Sox shot themselves in the foot during the Texieria sweepstakes.  If they were willing to pony up $170 million for Tex, why not $180, or $190, or even $200 million?  They knew sooner or later they were going to be in a bidding war with the Yankees, and they knew they were going to lose.  Every team loses when they join the bidding war against the Yankees.  One thing that Sox shouldn’t have done was make this whole attempt of signing Texieria public.  They should have said that they were interested publicly, offer a contract and all of the other crap under the radar.  Now, as far as public relations as concerned; the Sox look like donkeys and the Yankees look like geniuses.   

At the same token, I am not surprised that Texieria signed with New York.  Projected, along with A-Rod, the best 3-4 combo in the game since Papi and Manny, maybe even better.  The Yankees have made themselves a World Series contender once again, and good for them.  With the new ballpark, and the playing the best division in baseball, they needed Texieria, Sabathia, and Burnett more than any team out there. 

As far as the Sox is concerned, they are still a very good team without Mark Texieria.  Did we all forget that this team has won two World Series’ in the past 5 years?  Did we all forget that they were only one game away from the World Series last year with a banged up team?  Also, did we forget that signing big free agents with ludicrous contracts (ok, I know that Renteria and Lugo were complete busts) is a thing of the past, and the home grown talent is the new wave here under the Henry/Lucchino/Werner/Epstein/Francona administration? 

This team has their imperfections, and they showed it with the Texieria sweepstakes, but as a member of Red Sox Nation, they will be ok.  The Sox will be in contention next year and years to come.  Maybe not signing Texieria was a blessing in disguise.  To Texieria, was all about the money, and where else to get the money: by signing with the New York Yankees. 

Last thing before I leave.  The Texieria signing screwed Manny Ramierz; well, unless he signs with the Yankees, which still can happen.  Theoretically speaking that he doesn’t sign with the Yankees.  In the Spring, Manny fired his old agent and hired Scott Boras, we all knew why he did, for the money.  With Boras’ track record, he always gets the big bucks for his clients, and the whole world knew that the Red Sox were not going to option the two years left on Manny’s 2000 contract.  Well, the fat contract that Manny has asked for hasn’t happened yet.  

Manny did three things that has hurt him for the rest of his baseball career:

  1. Manny opened his big mouth, and did some pretty stupid things during his last days in Boston.
  2. Manny didn’t accept the contract the Dodgers initially offered him back in November, 2-years, $55 million I believe. 
  3. Manny didn’t accept arbitration from the Dodgers, he would have made at least $20 million for 2009. 

The Angels have said that they don’t not want Manny, so what team out there is going to sign him?  He best bet is to take the Dodgers offer (if it is still on the table), suck it up, and play baseball.

That all changes if the Yankees say something about that.